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The blog is named facciamo, or “let’s make,” with the intent of inspiring lots of contributions as we develop it. Photos, recipes, writings, audio and video – anything you might have that in some way speaks to our living as Italians and Americans is welcome. Please email gabriel@italianheritagechicago.org to contribute!

Why not Columbus? I'm glad you asked. #14reasonswhynot

On Friday, July 17, in Chicago, Black & Indigenous organizations led protests that wanted to take down a statue of Columbus. The Chicago Police Department responded by attacking protestors. A statue dedicated to hate was more important to the city than Chicagoans. The Columbus statue should stay down, here’s why (hover over slides to pause them so you can read, use arrows to scroll):

The Italian American Heritage Society of Chicago opposes honoring Columbus in any way.

Compiled and written by Dave Stieber. To share a version of this slide show on Twitter, click here.

The primacy of culture

America is in a season of rage, seemingly boundless and beyond control. Its leaders could learn from those among its citizens who are the children

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