Museo della Vita

Museum of Life

Your memories are our future

We are bound together by the things in our past that we have in common, and for Italians in America, those memories are  often strong and deep. When we share them together, we remind ourselves of why we are who we are. This page allows you to upload any kind of file, and we encourage you to do just that. As we gather a variety of items, we will dedicate a part of the website to presenting them in a way that will reflect our shared values and ways of living. Everything is a good fit – talk to an older relative and share the MP3 recording of it; take a scan of a family recipe; send an old photo. And don’t forget your own creative output! This is culture in the present tense we are after, and you are at the center of that story. The limit is really our imagination.

Share your history with us!

Please provide us with any contact information you’d like us to have and as much context as you’re willing to share.

Tell your friends! This is a resource to be shared far beyond the Society. Our hope is that Italian Americans across the city will connect to one another through sharing of memories and memorabilia, along with whatever else contributors see as a reflection of our shared culture and experience. Please use the buttons below to post this page through your social networks.


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